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    Who are we?
    We are San Andreas Fire & Rescue.

    The San Andreas Fire & Rescue provides Fire and Medical services to the citizens of San Andreas in an effective manner to ensure the safeguard of the lives and property of San Andreas. San Andreas Fire & Rescue is dedicated to being the finest community-focused Fire & Rescue that meets the ever-changing needs of our community while maintaining a safe and vigilant community


    What do we do?
    We provide emergency medical care and firefighting services to the citizens of San Andreas. We have ground and air transport units offering Basic and Advanced level services. We have firefighting apparatuses with up-to-date equipment including high angle rescue and entrapment extrication. We also respond to a variety of calls including fires, motor vehicle accidents, technical rescues, and medical calls. 

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  • Department Rank Structure

    Administration Staff

    Fire Chief - Vacant A.

    Deputy Fire Chief - Vacant A.

    Assistant Fire Chief - Vacant A.

    Battalion Chief - Vacant B.


    Senior Staff

    Division Chief

    Fire/EMS Captain



    First Lieutenant

    Second Lieutenant

    Senior Engineer


    Staff In Training


    Assistant Engineer



    Senior Firefighter

    Firefighter IV

    Firefighter III

    Firefighter II

    Firefighter I

    Probationary Firefighter


    Volunteer Firefighters

    Volunteer Firefighter III

    Volunteer Firefighter II

    Volunteer Firefighter I

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